VoIP App

Limitless Mobile prepared a white labeled VoIP App that can be used as an added value to the MVNO Proposition.

The App works similarly to a regular phone. The end user will be able to make and receive calls from anywhere you are connected to a Wi-Fi or data connection. The MVNO number will be treated the same as a regular landline phone number, so App user can be anywhere in the world and use the App to receive all of his calls.

If he wants to call friends and family, he can simply purchase Minutes in $5, $10 or $30 increments and get our guaranteed lowest rates to any country you call. The App can be used on your iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet.

Revenue opportunity

  • Create incremental revenue from your brand
  • Revenue from using the App for international calls
  • Annual membership fee
  • Use the app as a marketing tool – use push messaging to keep your subscribers informed
  • App downloads create commercial value

Getting started 

  • Getting going couldn’t be easier;
  • Execute white label App agreement
  • Provide Limitless Mobile with company logo
  • Once the order is placed, our developers will create your white labelled App within several weeks

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Should you be interested in further details, please contact: magdalena.ciesielska@limitlessmobile.com